Enquire? Inspire! with Adrian

Welcome to Enquire? Inspire! again. In this series, we ask our team about their working day and after-hours life, so you can find out who is working on your project or who you can meet at the Netguru office on your first day at work. Please meet Adrian Kashivskyy, iOS developer, natural born programmer and baking enthusiast.

Rails Girls Krakow Recap

It was a beautiful day when a crowd of almost 50 women, divided into 19 teams, started coding their Rails applications at Rails Girls Kraków. They created various apps - from blogs to make-your-day-better sites, with random pictures of cats. Let’s enjoy the moment one more time with a recap!

Today I Learned: Rendering Templates To Strings In Ember.js

Here comes the next post in the *Today I Learned* series! In each post, we discuss a quick tip or a solution to a problem our developers came across in their projects. This time, our developer Kuba explains how to render templates to strings in Ember.js. Enjoy!

Working With Distant Time Zones FAQs

Many of our clients that we work with here at netguru reside in distant time zones. We are therefore no strangers to the challenges that can be encountered during the process. As a result we've prepared a list of FAQs as a starting off guide for anyone who is considering outsourcing and wondering how to manage the workflow successfully.

Today I Learned: Deface Selectors Work on ERB Code, not HTML

Are you looking for quick solutions to your problems with code? You'll like our new post cycle: Today I Learned. We’re going to present quick tips which our developers during their everyday work. The first tip comes from Marcin and concerns Deface - the gem used in Spree e-commerce platform. Enjoy!

Enqire? Inspire! With Szymon

Enquire/Inspire strikes back! In this blog series, we want to introduce you to our team members so that they’re something more than just black-and-white avatars on our Team page. In this post, you’ll get to know Szymon Frącczak, our Senior Developer, hooked on SQL and with more pastimes than we can count.

Content Is King. Managing Knowledge Exchange With Confluence

A lack of transparent communication and knowledge exchange kills team spirit. To foster an internal culture of content - where we're inspired to share, and enjoy doing so - requires the right tool. Read on to find out why knowledge sharing is important to us and why Confluence is the tool that really fits our needs.

12 Useful Gems for Automation Software Testing

Everyone makes mistakes, and software development is not an exception. That’s why testing should be an essential part of a developer’s work. Try these cool testing tools to ensure all of your web and mobile apps work perfectly before you launch.

The Game of Projects: the 2nd Project Management Workshop Sum-Up

Some 15 lucky (and very creative) people joined us for the weekend in Netguru office to learn about project managements skills. Those were 2 intense days that we’re happy to share with you now.

Tools to Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Suck

Are you confident that your website is delivering good performance to your users? By staying on track with the latest trends and performing updates as necessary, you can always be sure that your site doesn't suck.

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