Why I Went Back to Thinking SQL

Beware: this post gets a bit emotional at times. I wanted to share some thoughts about SQL, or rather my thoughts about thinking in this language. There is a way to think SQL and write in RoR - read on to find out more.

April Ruby on Rails Workshops in Gdańsk: Coding by the Sea

On April 24-25th, our team visited Gdańsk for yet another edition of free Ruby on Rails workshop. Now, after we spent a weekend on coding by the sea, there’s nothing more to say than: what an awesome event it was!

The Cheat Sheet on Communication with Clients. Top Secret!

If you’re reading this and happen to be a client, please don’t feel offended. Imagine you’re reading the script of a standup comedy performance. But if you're a Project Manager - it's a must-read if you want to communicate with your clients flawlessly.

How to Hire Right People for Your Startup

Hiring the wrong people is easy to do, but you could hire the right people by just using the right tips. Read on for a few simple solutions for your startup, and check out how we handle the hiring process at Netguru.

Accessibility in Apps: the Necessity Often Forgotten

When it comes to accessibility in web design and development, many app developers don’t give much thought to this issue. Read on to find out what you need to know about accessibility standards and what factors you must consider when planning features for your app.

Git Merge 2015 Reviewed

Git Merge is a wrap! The project is already 10 years old, folks, and I was right there in Paris to celebrate. Here's my review of this "birthday party".

Speed Up Your Page Load - Tools for Site Owners and Developers

Online users have hardly tolerate websites that take ages to load. Here is a list of page speed tools that webmasters and developers can use to measure website and blog load speeds.

Will Your App Survive a Bug Bash?

Looking for a quick and effective way of testing your new app while in development? Why not get your whole team involved in a vigorous session of bug bashing?

Introducing: Open Source NGRValidator

Read about our latest open source project: an easy to read, centralized, and comprehensive solution to validating any Objective-C model in just a few lines of code. Validation has never been that easy!

Coming Up: the 2nd Project Management Workshops

Our Project Management Workshops are a great opportunity to face the challenges of managing projects in a software house. You can take your first steps in managing communication with clients and coordinate the process of building the apps. Excited? Read on and apply!

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