The Dummies' Recipe to Great Workshops: Recap from Kraków

Check out our recipe for a great way to learn Ruby on Rails. This time we tried it out in Kraków and were sooo happy with delicious results!

4 Common Concerns About Remote Teams - Solved

Communication issues are one of the most oft-quoted concerns regarding working with remote teams, especially when said teams are based in a distant location. This is why we have produced this post to help allay any communication fears that you may have regarding the process of working with a remote development team, as well as a number of other concerns that may arise.

39 Must-Subscribe Newsletters for Developers and Designers

If you could buy time in bulk, you probably would. Well, here's a fast way to do just that. Take a look at the top picks in newsletters for: web and mobile development, front-end development and web design. Grab a few and give them a try!

You Can Still UX in the Dark: UXcamp 2015 Recap

This year's UXcamp took place in Gdynia, the rising star of Polish cities which embrace tech community. Cool speeches and loads of inspiration - even during the power outage the atmosphere was electric. Read the review from 6 Netguru folks who participated in the event and described their favourite presentations just for you.

Everything You Should Know About Error Handling in Swift 2.0 (but Were Too Afraid to Ask)

The first time I saw error handling on WWDC's Platform State of the Union, I thought "here we go again... exceptions". It quickly became clear that Swift's error handling isn't the same as Objective-C exceptions. So what does this error handling look like? Where are the differences? Let’s dive into it!

How to Become the MacGyver of Software Testing: Learning from Scratch

There's one tiny difference between the QA team and the general Netguru recruitment requirements that probably swung in my favour. Netguru likes their juniors green. Here's a few words about asking questions, empathy and running around big machines - and it's all about software testing!

The Ultimate Front-End Developer's Guide to Photoshop

In this post, I’ll focus on useful features which can improve the workflow for people using Photoshop not to design, but to get important information from a PSD file and apply that to the web project they are currently working on.

All About Project Management: 3rd Edition of Free Workshops Coming Soon!

Perhaps it is your ambition to become a great Project Manager - if so, there are a host of management skills to be developed. For this very reason, it is our pleasure to invite you for the 3rd edition of our Project Management Workshops.

Improve Your Online Store UX With These Handy Tips

UX is quite a broad discipline, but if you get it right, it can have a significant impact on sales in your e-store. We've collected a bunch of tips to get your shop's UX a step closer to perfection.

7 Must-Reads about JavaScript with Ruby on Rails

Whether you are an experienced web developer or just getting your feet wet in the wonderful "ocean" of web development and programming, these handy resources can help you improve your skills in JavaScript and hopefully teach you a few new tricks along the way.

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