Refactoring - When?

This short series of blogposts answers the "why", "how", and "when" of code refactoring.

Doing Review Procedures the Right Way

If we were to compose a Netguru alphabet, the letter R would definitely stand for review. See how continuous review process can improve the teams’ workflow and help employees evolve in no time.

Wroc_love RB Conference - Review

From March 14th to 16th, a group of Netguru developers visited the Wroc_love RB conference to learn about Ruby from a selection of international speakers. Here’s what our team discovered and want to share it with you!

Let’s Code Together! Sign up for Free Ruby on Rails Workshops

Do you have an urge for Ruby on Rails? We'd be delighted to meet you during our next workshops in Gdańsk!

How to Make Error Pages Work for You

Do you happen to see error pages in your nightmares? Good news - there’s a cure to these bad dreams! Follow a few simple guidelines and make visitors stay on your site even if they see the dreaded error page.

10 Must-Know Tips on iOS Apps Testing

Last month, our iOS team took part in a webinar by Paweł Dudek about testing iOS apps. I'm afraid that if I wrote about all the things I've discovered, you'd finish reading this next day, but I'd like to share at least these 10 tips I’ve learned.

Why Feature Testing is Important

Listen up, folks! Here's my story on how I ran away from bug nests to enter Behavioral-Driven Development and realised that it will be hard for me to live without feature testing.

Most Common Design And Development Mistakes Your Site May Suffer From

Below we’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes that web designers and developers make. Prevention is always better than cure - see what to avoid on your own website.

8 Rules to Improve Your CSS

I’ve put together 8 rules that help me keep my CSS clean, well-written, and in line with best practices. When combined, these rules will give you the ultimate template for good, scalable CSS architecture.

Things to Consider When Planning a Mobile App for Your Business

Taking the decision to create a mobile app for your business can be one of the best things that you ever do. Find out what you should consider in advance to make this investment successful.

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