Integrating Pivotal Tracker with GitHub, Rollbar and Slack

A project manager is a true multi-tasker. However, it would be hard to succeed without tools to help make the work more efficient and smooth. Here’s the tool stack we use at Netguru.

Tickets in Pivotal Tracker - The Life Cycle

The life cycle of a ticket is full of adventures, led by our developers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance. Here's our work flow told in the story of a ticket.

4 Extraordinary Talks You Can't Miss from EmberCamp 2015

At the end of October, we had the pleasure of attending the first edition of EmberCamp in London. We’ve chosen four of our favorite presentations to share with you.

How Linters Can Help You Ship Code Faster

What if I told you that you can learn almost every single style guide in less than an hour and you don't even need to waste time examining docs every time you have doubts? If you don't know them yet - say hello to linters!

3 Reasons Why You Should Connect With Influencers

As a startup, you’re not only forced to think about the development of the company, but also to come up with some smart ways to promote your product or services. One such method that may well be worth giving a shot is known as influence marketing. Here's why!

Why Technical Skills Supercharge Your Quality Assurance Work

It’s a common perception that quality assurance in software is mostly testing, and that a lot of the testing is manual testing. However, this is only a fraction of what QA specialists deal with. Let me explain how various technical skills can boost your performance as a quality assurance expert.

The Lazy Developer's Guide to Life Without the Mouse, Cursor and Useless Keys

Let me take a stand in the perpetual Vim vs Emacs holy war: Vim stole my heart and, in doing so, turned my life into hell. Suddenly, I hate typing with any application that doesn’t use the HJKL keys to move the cursor, and I find myself becoming frustrated whenever I need to use the mouse! So what changes can I implement to ease my pain and make my life easier, you ask? Here's your answer!

Help Us Make Netguru Grow - Join Our Business Development Team

We want to be able to capture new client opportunities, seeking energetic and communicative people to join our business development team. Have you dreamt about contributing to the business development of a software house? Check out this post and apply, we'd love to get in touch!

Why (Less) Options is More - Anticipatory Design, pt. 2

Some time ago, we explained the main assumptions of anticipatory design. Now it’s time to specify who can benefit from that kind of design the most, explain what possible risks can be related to it and tell you what our approach to anticipatory design is.

How NOT to Run an IT Project

Having just returned from the 2015 Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, I’m still feeling more than a l...

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