Ruby on Trails: Kyrgyzstan, Mountain Peaks and the Netguru Flag

We are proud to announce that the first Netguru-sponsored mountaineering expedition has just returned safe and sound after two weeks of trekking in the Northern Tien-Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan.

How Level Up RoR Workshops Can Change Your (Programming) Life

Tired of your regular programming language? There is a cure for programming apathy! Join our free Ruby on Rails workshops! Check out what the 1st edition in Warsaw looked like.

How to Start a Successful IT Project: a No-Stress Roadmap

Starting up any new IT project can be a stressful time. It shouldn’t be, however, and it needn’t be either if you choose a development team that puts communications and project organization at the forefront of all its processes.

Been There, Coded That: After ReactEurope 2015

The dust has settled after ReactEurope, which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Paris. What we saw was astonishing - read all about it!

Transterra Media: an Improved Buyer Experience

Netguru is proud to announce another exciting project for Transterra Media. We redesigned and improved the TTM buyer experience and developed a completely new mobile iOS app for Transterra Media contributors.

Can You Become an IT Project Manager Without a Technical Background?

This post will give you an idea what skills and knowledge are required for project managers and whether technical expertise is the protein or a spice.

36 Powerful Resources About Everything Startup

When you’re a part of a fast-changing community, it’s easy to fall into the FOMO gutter and struggle to get out. To keep you up-to-date with the most relevant news and the highest quality startup content, we’ve prepared this list of 36 resources for all startup folks.

Keep Calm and Write User Stories: 3rd Project Management Workshops Recap

For the 3rd time, we invited people keen to learn what it means to be a Project Manager in agile IT teams for a 2-day workshop. Once again we were overwhelmed by the positive energy of the participants, not to mention their ingenuity too. Check out what our teams have come up with this time!

HTTP Debugging in iOS Made Easier with ResponseDetective

We’re pleased to announce our new, open source iOS tool for HTTP debugging – ResponseDetective.

Announcing: Transterra Media iOS App

At Netguru, we’re proud to announce that our latest iOS project — the Transterra Media mobile app — is now available for download. With the help of this application, Transterra Media contributors can use their iOS devices to upload media content to the Transterra Media online news marketplace and accept assignments from news publishers around the world.

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