From Newbie to a Top Notch Dev: the Secrets to a Successful Juniorship

Have you just started your first job at a professional software house? Do you feel a little bit lost in the new environment?I would like to share some tips and tricks I learned after a couple of weeks at Netguru. Had I known them before I started, they would have saved me some grief!

What Wikipedia Won't Tell you About Client Calls

Organizing a fruitful meeting with a group of people you might not have worked with or met previously is no piece of cake, especially if you cooperate remotely. Here are my tips and tricks on handling client calls.

Learn the Ember Run Loop, pt. 2: the Basics and the Guts

In the previous post we saw why the Ember Run Loop is important and what limitations are imposed by the browser on that mechanism. Now, I’ll answer the most important question in this post - what is Ember run loop?

Who is Who in Your IT Project Team: a Client-Friendly Manual

Regardless of who you are - customer, developer, QA or PM - it’s good to know what you can expect from those involved in the same project. This article should give you an insight into the basics of who is who in a given project.

All Technical Details You Need for Our RoR Workshops

We hope that you’ll have a great time coding with us over the weekend during the Ruby on Rails workshop. But before we start, your machine will need to be ready for the challenge. Here is a quick checklist of what you should set up beforehand.

How to Communicate Your Ideas to Developers

When it comes to communicating your ideas about a new piece of software to developers, it’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to feel a little flustered when trying to relay the finer details of your vision. It can be done quickly and effectively if you follow this simple manual. Enjoy!

Learn the Ember Run Loop, Part 1: Getting Started

The Ember Run Loop is one of the most interesting mechanisms in the Ember framework. Unfortunately, it is not well documented in official guides. Here I’d like to share a summary of an Ember Run Loop webinar that I held for the Netguru team. That's the first part out of 4, so stay tuned for more!

How Scoping Sessions Can Help You Launch a Better Product

You’ve hit on a great idea for a startup. Do you know where to start and how much it will all cost? These are probably the most common questions all investors ask themselves, and we have just the right kind of magic to sort them out: our scoping session.

Netguru Joining Level39: at the Heart of London Fin Tech Hub

FinTech is the new digital landscape for the world of finance. In London, UK, there is a thriving FinTech community, with a specialised hub of innovation found at Level39 on Canary Wharf. Netguru can now proudly announce that we have become official members of Level39.

Simple Solutions to Managing Big Teams

Like W.H. Murray said, “teams of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.” Check out these simple and tested solutions for large team management.

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