10 Great iOS Resources That Got Me Into Development

Obtaining beginner's experience through the net can give you knowledge about the best online resources for iOS developers. Here's our share for all of you, future iOS masters!

Imperative vs. Declarative Programming - Pros and Cons

In contrast to the imperative programming, declarative programming is about describing what you're trying to achieve, without instructing how to do it. Read on and check out my presentation on programming paradigms.

Tickets in Pivotal Tracker - The Life Cycle

The life cycle of a ticket is full of adventures, led by our developers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance. Here's our work flow told in the story of a ticket.

RoR Workshops Next Stop: Rzeszów! Meet us, learn and enjoy

Our Free Ruby on Rails Workshop is the best way to spend your weekend coding, learning, and building great apps.

Smart Retail Solutions That Change Ecommerce

A world in which nearly everybody now carries around a smart device – i.e. the smartphone – is what has enabled this revolution in retail. Read on if you want to find out how smart retail can take ecommerce to the next level.

How to Write a Perfect ReadMe

The clarity of readme files is critical for software developers. Fortunately, there is a set of good practices to follow if you want your ReadMe to be neat.

Quick Guide to Successful Employees Onboarding

Supporting newbies is our job—it helps them adapt to the new environment and get to their full potential quicker. Read on for an inside look at our onboarding process.

Resources to Master AngularJS

Are you looking for resources to get the best use out of AngularJS? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of tutorials, podcasts and guides, perfect for those who either get started or try to improve their skills.

Memories from Mobile Central Europe Conference

The motto of this year's MCE was "mobile with a human touch". Here are a few impressions about the talks and events during the conference.

Confessions of a Foreigner in a Polish Team

Poland is one of the new hives for Ruby development outsourcing. Coming here from Dublin, I got blank stares - but what I've found was great balance between enthusiasm and efficiency.

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