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Welcome To Our Office!

As you might have already noticed - we love to constantly change things here and there on our homepage. Do you already know what's new this time...? A little hint - it's all about the visuals. Yup, you've spot it right - we've updated photos on our main slider! But we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't go one step further. We've made a photo documentation of our office space in Poznań. Come and take a tour with us!

A little bit coding on the bean bag chair...


And on the hammock...


Time for chatting with netguru folks based in Warsaw....


And a bit of relaxing...yup, you've guessed it right! Table football!


And back to work...


More pics in the gallery below:

Would you like to join our team? Good news! We're hiring!

On 08.07.2014 in our way and recruitment

Great news! We have 9 open positions waiting for you! Come and work with us!