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UX, Gdańsk and Tequilas - what could go wrong? Nothing!

Photo by Sylwester Czopek

From the moment we’ve heard about the very first UX camp in Poland - we just knew there's no way we can miss it! Ania, Darek & Dawid packed their bags and arrived to Gdańsk Friday evening to start the UX fun early next day.

Here’s a bit more about what was going on there!

Dawid: Although this wasn’t my first barcamp and I knew what I’m signed up for I really enjoyed the spontaneity of the event! All of the sessions I’ve attended were interesting and brought something new to the table for me. I especially liked presentations from Piotr Bucki, Paulina Makuch, Magdalena Ostoja-Chyżyńska, Andrzej Woynarowski and Marcin Śpiewak.

Still, I do regret that I couldn’t attend other talks (e.g. Michał Alexander and Łukasz Przywarty). The star of the day was Wiesław Bartkowski speaking about sketching in code.

It was my 3rd time hearing this talk but everytime I do - I’m astounded! It’s crazy what you can make with a few lines of code! I also enjoyed the networking part of the conference and the after party which was great! I hope to see you guys next year!

Ania: During barcamps you just can’t have it all and you always ask yourself if you've made the right decisions. This time I've been pretty satisfied with my choice of sessions! I've really enjoyed the workshop by Jessica Kolarz & Maciej Bartosiewicz from COI focused on improving various forms templates. If somebody from the Ministry reads the post - PLEASE let them do their job! I needed to change my ID not so long ago, and the experience was terrible. I'd love to see the new forms soon in practice. Meanwhile, I recommend to watch their presentation (I’ve digged out the old one from WUD):

I've also enjoyed the opening presentation by Piotr Bucki about the meeting point between marketing & UX and the importance of testing. And a Marcin Śpiewak’s presentation describing the content management trends made me really happy too!

Kudos to organizers for the ‘find your tequila match’ game during the after party!

Dariusz: This UxCamp was my first barcamp ever, and now I'm sure it wasn't the last. A well organized event, which contained different sessions covering interesting aspects form the user experience field. I found there some information about:

  • how important is UX (Eric Reiss),
  • how to improve your user research techniques (Paulina Makuch),
  • how to focus on users depending on their geographic location & habits (Piotr Bucki),
  • content management (Maciej Śpiewak),
  • and many more...

A session I’ll keep in mind for a long, long time is the Wiesław Bartkowski’s presentation about coding and connecting it with the physical world. I'm very satisfied that I was part of the event! Not to mention the superb after party!

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