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Start your adventure with Ruby on Rails! Workshops sum-up.

Once upon a time, in the mystical lands of northern Poland came two princesses and three brave knights to conquer the city of Gdańsk and challenge the people to join their invincible team.

Many young, brilliant of mind, ventured there to take part in the memorable tournament. It was not easy, they came from all around the country, had to cross many bridges and rivers to finally reach their destination. But they did! And this is how the May workshops began.

Wonderful Workshops

We gave each applicant a preliminary task to solve before the workshops, and then chose 11 lucky participants with the keenest abilities and potential to learn rails. We invited them to Gdańsk to spend 2 wonderful, fun-filled coding days with us. On Saturday morning, we divided participants into teams that were lead by mentors and started to code! We couldn’t make it without short breaks for coffee, snacks and lunch. We even had some time to network and play a tumbling tower game ;).


The outcome of our work was simply outstanding, we were very proud that we built 3 nicely working apps:

  • Beer4me created by Filip, Michał and Mateusz and led by Krzysztof
  • Tablia, the brain child of Damian, Jakub, Paweł and Ola, supported by Błażej
  • ChallangeMe, built by Marcin, Mateusz, Michał and Dominika with assistance of Bartosz

Yes, it was hard, two full days of coding, everyone was exhausted, but happy. What was surprising, and also a bit flattering, is that all of them evaluated this event very highly! That, of course, encourages us to make our workshops even better! Do not hesitate and join us in Warsaw in July for the next series!

Once again, THANK YOU ALL for being part of this amazing event! We had heaps of fun! Stay tuned for the next set of workshops, and remember, there is always a way to improve your skills no matter what you do!


If you’d like to join us next time, make sure to sign up to our mailing list at netguru.co/workshops.

See you soon!


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