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How to join @netguru in 5 steps

The recruitment process here at Netguru has changed a lot since we first began. In today’s post, I would like to share advice for what is important when we recruit and what the main factors we focus on during the process.

The interview - first contact with our team

Once we get your full application, including CV and Codility test (UPDATE: we've recently started to use Workable (recruitment platform) so we no longer require codility test), we make an appointment within maximum two days later, so that the entire recruitment process doesn’t take longer than one week. If you live in Poznań, we prefer to meet you in person in our office, but also love to use Google Hangouts for those who work remotely.

And now it’s the crucial part. You meet us (Ola and Adam or Marcin) for the first time. After typical “small talk” we ask you a few general questions just to get to know you better. This part is held in Polish, but don’t be surprised if we ask you a few questions in English.

We focus on your technical experience the most and always refer to our career paths to be sure we align our understanding in terms of requirements and expectations of the job.

Remember that this is also an opportunity for you to ask us about the company, our work culture or about projects we are working on.

On the same day after our 15-20 minute talk, we invite you for pair programming session with one of our Ruby on Rails developers.

Checking your technical skills - pair programming

Pairing is one of the most effective hiring methods we use. Here you will meet Kamil, the guy with a drive for recruitment who knows exactly how to do it well. Don’t take this stage as a moment of truth. We just want to know how far with Rails you are. It’s also a great opportunity to show yourself as a fast learner and problem solving coder.

We do pairings in two ways: online (please, be sure your connection is not wonky) or sitting side by side at the office.

After this process, next day we send you an email, with a short sum up. If both sides are convinced to keep going further, it’s time for you to meet the CEO.

Encounter with the CEO

The casting voice always belongs to the founders. Here you meet Wiktor & Kuba. They sum up everything that was said so far and confirm the terms of agreement with you. After this process we send you an email with a request for final confirmation (please say yes!) and then...

We welcome you on board!

It’s a new beginning for you and for us. We do our best to prepare a warm welcome by giving you a package consisting of “Kubot” [yes, you get slippers from your first workday] a mug with your name and a MacBook. Now you are a part of the team and the whole learning process depends on you.

Unfortunately it’s not always as optimistic as we would like it to be. Sometimes we need to say no to candidates. However, we always explain the reason and encourage you not to give up.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it helped you to get to know us better. We want to make you feel comfortable and prepared for the interview process. Good luck!

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