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Hollywood-like Startup Launch Debunked by @EricRies

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Christmas are just around the corner and if your personal library is still missing the "Lean Startup", well, it's a good moment to ask Santa to fill in the void! Written in 2011 by Eric Ries, the book almost immediately gained the bible-like status and changed the way many entrepreneurs think about creating a successful businesses. But before Santa comes to the rescue, take a peek at yet another startup evergreen - this time we feature Eric's Lesson Learned classic Don't Launch.

First off, what does it mean to launch? Generally, we conflate two unrelated concepts into the term, which is important to clarify right up front.

Announce a new product, start its PR campaign, and engage in buzz marketing activities. (Marketing launch)

Make a new product available to customers in the general public. (Product launch) In today's world, there is no reason you have to do these two things at the same time.

In fact, in most situations it's a bad idea for startups to synchronize these events.

Step by step, Don't Launch post takes you through the logic behind preparing a successful startup launch. Differentiating Marketing and Product sides, it shows how can you drive customers & investors into your pipeline fast but also pinpoints the drawbacks of doing things too early.

Unlike a lot of other startup activities, PR is not one where you can try it, iterate, learn, and try again. It's a one-way event, so you'd better get it right.

Wish you a nice read. What other startups evergreens would you recommend?

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