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Grab our first open source extension for Spree!

Photo by Instant Vantage

Yay, we've just published our first open source extension for Spree!

With a few Spree-based projects under our belt, we've learnt a lot about modifying & extending this friendly e-commerce solution. Now we'd like to use our experience to give something back to the community.

Our first open source extension 'Spree Customer Care’ is pretty simple yet useful. It allows shop admins to specify users as 'customer assistants’. After that, customers are able to contact their private assistant anytime they want, from a simple widget, that is displayed on the bottom of the page.

Want to see how it works? Visit our demo shop. You can login using those credentials: [email protected] / customer.

That's all for now! Contributing is real fun so if you have any ideas and suggestions to improve this lovely extension - just let us know. Fork the repo on GitHub, commit your changes and make a pull request! :) You can also ping Wiktor at SpreeConference taking place in NYC in 2 weeks' time (Feb, 26-27).

Interested in open source? That's awesome! You'll find out more about our contribution at netguru.co/opensource.

On 13.02.2014 in Our Way, Open Source, and Dev